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My first ever tag!
You will be seeing a whole lot more of these! Why you may ask? Well, why not? They’re so much fun!!!
And it will help you to get to know me a little better :)
Blush or Bronzer?
Bronzer. My ‘pale as you can possibly get’ Irish complexion has often led to people asking me if I am unwell or sick when I’ve no makeup on. So when I have the option I take the sickly look away.
Lipgloss or Lipstick?
Lipstick. Lipgloss is too sticky for the West of Ireland and it’s Gail force wind!
Eyeliner or Mascara?
Mascara. I have little to no lashes so mascara is a definite must.
Foundation or Concealer?
Foundation. A foundation with good coverage ūüėČ
Neutral or Colour Eyeshadow?
Neutral Eyeshadow. I must prefer to add colour to my lips. I’m a neutral eyes and a strong lip kinda gal!
Pressed or loose eyeshadow?
Pressed¬†just because I don’t like dealing with the mess that accompanies the loose stuff. Loose shadow does tend to be more pigmented though so it would depend on the situation.
OPI or China Glaze?
OPI. Hands down winner for me!
Long or Short Nails?
Long nails. Unfortunately it’s a rare occasion for me and they only last for a limited amount of time but I do prefer them.
Acrylic or Natural?
Natural. I’ve only tried Shellac and while I loved it, it did damage my nails.
Bright or Dark?
Bright. I have such a complex about my pale skin I think dark colours only tend to pale me out even more!
Flower or no flower?
Only on one nail, on each hand. Don’t want it OTT with the nail art.
Perfume or Body Spray?
Perfume. Lasts all day.
Lotion or Body Butter?
Lotion. Because it’s easier and therefore faster.
Body Wash or Soap?
Body Wash. I mostly shower rather than take a bath.
LUSH or Other bath companies?
Lush!¬†Who doesn’t love lush?
Jeans or Sweat Pants?
Long or short sleeves?
Dresses or skirts?
Stripes or Plaid?
Plaid. I tend to have more of it in my closest!
Flip Flops or Sandals?
Flippy Floppys.
Scarves or hats?
Scarves. I have a massive collection of them. I’d be lost without them. So cosy & comforting.
Studs or dangly earrings?
Studs for day and dangly for evening only is what my grandmother always told me. Grandma knows best.
Necklaces or Bracelets?
Until recently I wouldn’t said bracelets but I am loving wearing¬†necklaces¬†lately and my collection is expanding way too rapidly. I posted this on instagram last week. I got the accessory holder in Penneys and glued it to the inside of my wardrobe door to hide the mess. DIY genius.
Jackets or Hoodies?
Hoodies. There is nothing more comfortable than a baggy hoody.
Curly or Straight?
Curly. My hair is naturally dead straight. I bet everyone who answers this says the opposite to what their hair is naturally? Grass is always greener.
I used to be blonde until recently. I love curls <3
Bun or ponytail?
Bun. Messy. So many years spent in Ballet and having to have that perfect bun; if only we know about the sock bun then!
Bobby Pins or Butterfly Clips?
Bobby pins¬†‚Äď I must own about a thousand of them!
Hair Spray or Hair Gel?
Hair Spray. But only Loreal Elnett because it’s not sticky.
Long or Short hair?
Long. My Mum kept my hair very short when I was young so I really have a problem with it being short now. It never goes above my shoulder.
Light or dark?
This changes as much as the seasons. I was blonde, did the whole ombre thing and now I’m back to my natural brunette.¬†I can’t answer this one.
Side sweep or Full on bangs (fringe)?
Side sweep. You can do more with it.
Up or Down?
Up. I am easily irritated by it getting in my way.
Rain or Shine?
Shine. Nothing like a good Vitamin-D boost.
Summer or Winter?
Autumn or Spring?
Autumn. I love the autumn colours and the excitement in the lead up to Christmas; open fires & woolly jumpers!
And finally, Chocolate or Vanilla?
Stay beautiful,
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