Summer- SweatProof time!

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Yay it’s summer! 

Well in Canada. As for Ireland, I haven’t checked but I’m sure it’s the exact same as always, i.e. not good at all weather wise!

Back to the point, the temperature is rising so it’s time to adapt our makeup to deal with the heat- time to SweatProof.

Here are a couple of tips to help keep your makeup looking similar to how you put it on earlier and not all cakey and running down your face :)

In an ideal world, the best thing to do to avoid your makeup getting ruined in sunny weather is to not wear it at all, but if your like me, that’s not an option as my skin just wouldn’t allow it so the alternative rule is minimal is key.
If you put on your usual amount and not adapt to hotter temperatures it is inevitable that your makeup will;
– Get cakey (ewwwwww) & start to run down your face leaving blotches.
– You will break out! 
Skin needs to breathe, especially in hot temperatures- how else is it supposed to cool down? By wearing lots of makeup your making all that oil and sweat seep back into your pores causing breakouts.

Ladies, it is all very well and nice having a little natural colour on your skin, but why is it needed when your going to wear makeup over it anyway? And it is really worth the little colour that will result in more wrinkles in your later years? NO. Wear high SPF to reduce sun damage and wrinkles and use some makeup to give yourself that sun-kissed glow.

It may seem obvious but purchase Long-Wear products. Most of these products that claim to last for 24 or more hours are silicone based and last twice as long as normal products- more carefree time in the sun 😉

Use cream products as much as possible. They are already moist and have a dewy finish to them so you can achieve the look you want that mean old Mr. Sun can’t interfere with or change much. Cream shadows, blush & bronzer won’t get cakey when you start to perspirate.  

Waterproof. The obvious one is mascara to avoid the dreaded panda eyes but also invest in some waterproof liquid liner as it has a better chance of staying put that a pencil would and some waterproof concealer. Yes, it does exist. And a waterproof one will keep those under eye dark-circles covered better than normal concealer.

And finally, when choosing your foundation, use one with light coverage. Your better off using light coverage and adding an extra layer or 2 if you feel the need for it than caking on alot of coverage. While sometimes it is needed, it tends to look caked in normal light never mind the unforgiving light of the sun. Go lighter, it will work out better long term :)

Hope those help!

Ireland, I wish you sun so that these tips will be helpful.

Stay beautiful,

Unhealthy obsession with all things fashion & beauty.

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