Staple Pieces That Will Never Go Out Of Style

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There are some things that always have & always will be in fashion. For that reason, these are the things we should spend money on as the return is guaranteed to be great!

1) LBD

We all own them and love them. It’s best to keep a little black dress on hand at all times. It’s extremely multi-functional, letting you easily navigate cocktail parties, interviews, funerals, regular nights out and everything in-between.

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2) LWD

Like it’s black coloured counterpart it can be worn to a multitude of occasions. Although I seem to have a casual lace one and a more structured formal version, I don’t have a middle of the road one which I must acquire at some stage.

scalloped dress..rehearsal dinner

3) Denim- A good pear of jeans

Whether it be skinny, jeggings, boot-cut, wide-leg or boyfriend jeans we all own and wear jeans. They will always be the comfy & reliable option (most of the time).

"Rugged pants too." One kind of men and women wearing tight slacks. Formerly trousers without pleats, back trousers no province, door lapel zipper, formerly trousers, each has a left oblique bag, after the film has a pointed stick waist two patch pockets, pocket seams nailed metal rivets and embossed with open wire decoration. With wear, dirt, wear close, comfortable and so on.

4) That White Shirt

A good, well fitted white shirt will never date and always tends to add a touch of  sophistication to any look. You’ll find that you will predominately wear yours to job interviews, meetings, in the office but can work very well with casual looks too.  It’s also classy enough to add some heels, a red lip and wear it for a night out on the town.

#White #Shirt And #Blue #Jeans by Song Of styleWhite shirt

5) Good Blazer

It’s the Go-To to put over anything & everything. Dress it down by wearing it over jeans or a white dress, or go sophisticated with a skirt and top. The possibilities are literally endless.  The over-sized blazer or the “borrowed from the boys” look is big this year and it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

lardini blazer...Blazer! Rachel wants so bad

6) Tracksuits & Hoodies

I know they are not exactly fashionable and most people wouldn’t dare be caught dead in public wearing them but they are still very much a staple that will never go out of style- comfort really does conquer all! The bigger and baggier the better!

7) Red Lip

It always has & always will be a favourite amoungst makeup artists, designers & us average joes too. It always seems to take any outfit it is paired with to the next level.

#make_up #smokey #eyes #lipstick #red

8) Ray-Bans

Both Wayfarers and Aviators. First making an appearance in the ’50s and immortalized in Risky Business when Mr. Tom Cruise himself proclaimed that every young pimp should own a pair.  I, myself have owned the knock-off versions of the 2 many a time over the last few years but I would really like to purchase the real deal. Soon as I grow up and can be trusted with them :)

Elegant Eyes: The Aviatorslove ray bans

9) Converse

Everyone currently has or has previously owned a pair of these beauties in the past. They’re comfortable and go with everything, what more is there to say?

#outfit #fashion #fall #winter #clotheswhite converse  Christmas!  Size 3 kids!! YES PLEASE

10) You’re never fully dressed without a SMILE.

Yes, I am quoting Annie. Whose else sang that in their head while they were reading it? I do it every time :)  Excuse the cheese! If the icons of the past and present could give us all one bit of advice, this would surely be it. All the clothes and beauty products in the world mean jack-sh1t if you’re miserable and uncomfortable in your own skin. We all have one, just have to be reminded to use it occasionally!

Stay beautiful & fashionable,

Unhealthy obsession with all things fashion & beauty.

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