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Sleep in Rollers have been on the scene for a few years now but having naturally long and thick hair, I never had difficulty when it comes to adding volume to my locks.

But while at the Professional Beauty in the RDS recently, (read about it here) Sleep-in Rollers were on offer so I said why the hell not! Let’s see what all the fuss is about!

They come in a convenient pink storage bag with 20 Velcro/sponge rollers, pins, and a DVD on how to use them. While the DVD is a nice touch, I resorted to a quick Youtube Tutorial on my phone. I dried my hair until about 80% and put in the rollers. My hair is so long and thick there was no blood left in my hands by the time i’d finished. And off I went to bed.

WARNING: I don’t have any makeup on in the following pics!

image (3)


image (4) image (2)

Did I sleep?

A little bit. I tossed and I turned a lot, and even found myself cursing the instruments of insomnia I voluntarily secured to my head all in the name of beauty.

Although it wasn’t the most restful night, I did like the end result. Was it worth it though? No. I don’t think I’ll put myself through it again. I like my sleep too much.

image (6)

Luckily I also purchased the drying hood too. Now this has become my way of using my Sleep in Rollers. Once you’ve put in the rollers, you put on the extremely sexy drying hood and attach the pipe to your hair dryer. Sit down and relax or do your makeup and in 30 or so minutes or when your hair is fully dry, take everything out and viola! Beautiful, bouncy, voluminous hair :)

So if your investing, buy the drying hood too. Unless you sleep like a rock, it’s the only way they can be used comfortably in my personal opinion.

So what’s the verdict? They are good, and the end result is fabulous, but the Unique Selling Point of Sleep In Rollers is SLEEP. In my opinion they can only be used in conjunction with the hood, or while vertical.

I know lots of people found no issue with sleeping in them so don’t take my word for it.

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