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After my first, very long, still ongoing (there’s some snow forecast for tomorrow) Canadian winter, recently my skin has been in the worst condition it has been in a long time.

I’m quiet good with my skin care regime, I gently scrub, cleanse, moisture and nearly always remove my makeup before bed but the extreme weather conditions my poor face has experienced over the last few months have clearly had a bad effect on my skin.

Canada is great for beauty treatments and products as it is WAAAY cheaper than Ireland. But I still failed to find a salon/spa that could give me a facial under $70 so I took to the internet to find an alternative.

It was on Pinterest I first found it mentioned and then I took a look at the website.

Although quiet pricey, at $69, I was convinced to purchase as I was ensured I could get 6/7 full masks out of the one jar so I thought it was worth a try.

It has been deemed a ‘Facial in a jar” and supposedly the latest Hollywood miracle working beauty product.

GLAM GLOW states that the SUPER- MUD mask helps to brighten and even the complexion for a more youthful and smooth skin tone. It also claims to reduce redness and speed up the skin healing process!


SUPER-MUD can be used all over the face as a mask or as a spot solution to target specific areas or blemishes. I decided to use it as a face mask as my entire face was in need of a good detox!

It goes on a dark grey colour and dry/hardens into a really like, almost white colour. You can visibly see the crap coming out of your pores. It’s a little disgusting but good :)
After 10mins you can easily just rinse it off!
I found the mask very pleasant to use and easy to apply. It even has a minty smell, which I found nice and refreshing!
Once I washed my face I was shocked as to how much brighter my skin looked in such a short space of time! It was super soft to touch. My makeup also sat better and lasts much longer in the days following this mask. I became a fan right there and then!
It tackles a range of skin problems including:
  • Blemishes
  • Dryness
  • Pimples
  • Breakouts
  • Spots
  • Black and white heads
  • Rash or iritations
  • Ingrown hair

It’s just plain brilliance! 

Since then I’ve been using the mask as a treatment instead of a whole face mask to try and use less of it! I put it on my problem areas (T-zone, nose and chin) once a week and it maintains the amazing results I got first time round.

It can be purchased directly from the GlamGlow website or at Sephora (this is where I bought mine because you get 2 free travel size versions for the same money!) 

Irish gals you can find it at the version of the website

I can’t say anything more than I highly recommend it :)

Stay beautiful,
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