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Rachel is a Model, MUA and blogger currently living and working in Dublin, Ireland.

Working in the industry as a model since she was just 16, Rachels accomplishments and portfolio is well beyond her years. She has worked with esteemed Irish photographers such a Richie, Alex Hutchinson and Carl Foran.

She is currently studying at the LA College of Creative Arts in Dublin City Centre to pursue an added career of Makeup Artistry & special effects.

Rachel’s skill is evident in her breath-taking pictures and her blog shows a real natural talent and a promising career is ahead for her as a MUA also.

Her blog- RachelCK MUA is very current featuring a wide genre of posts from Makeup, Fashion, Personal Style, Celebrity’s lives/gossip and her own fabulously glamorous life.

 Photo credit  Richie.
Luckily I went to school with this gorgeous woman so she managed to spare some time for a dear old friend for an interview.

Firstly, how did you start modelling?

I started modelling because my mom put me up for a deportment (grooming) course when I was 16 years old because she had it in her head great posture is very important. And through that I was scouted to be part of an agency. At the time I thought she was being a little strange but now I see that it has stood to me so much. 

Who are your favourite top models?

Favourite top models have to be Cara Delevingne, Jourdan Dunn and Karlie Kloss. But I’d say everyone has them in their favourites. I think my favourite out of those women is Cara because she’s a little crazy and her personality is partly the reason why she’s so huge! Also, her new tats are GREAT! She has me on the tattoo buzz again haha!

Have you always had an interest in makeup? When did you know that you wanted to pursue it as a career?

I have to say, no I didn’t always know makeup was for me. Because my mom and dad both went to Trinity (most prestigious college in Ireland) I always thought I would go to an academic college and study to be something or other but it was always academic. It was only when I started my second college course and my friend turned around to me (knowing I was unhappy) and asked “what about makeup?”. Even I laughed. Look at me now haha.

How do you maintain your gorgeous complexion!?

I’m a firm believer in, you’ll only get what you want out of your body through what you eat. So if you want a good complexsion eat foods that will give you that gorgeous skin. Vegetables, fruit and lots of water. Also, a constant skin regime and using skin care products that suit you.

What is your favourite Cosmetic Brand?

MAC, can’t go wrong.

What are the top three products you couldn’t live without!?

Rimmel Brow Pencil in Hazel – If I was only allowed to wear one cosmetic, it would be my brow pencil hands down!

Liquid Liner – I’m using a Rimmel one right now. It’s only ok.

MAC Matte Lady Dangerous Lipstick – The day that product is discontinued is the day I stop wearing lipstick altogether haha.

What is your signature scent?

Princess – Vera Wang. But I haven’t had it for awhile now. Even when my friends smell it on someone else they say it reminds them of me.

You’re currently studying at the LA College of Creative Arts. What is that like?

Its great! I love it. We’re taught by people who are working at the top of the industry every day. Its inspiring.

Photo credit Alex Hutchinson

Where do you get your inspiration for your blog?

I write about things that interest me and pray to god that these things interest other people as well. Thankfully enough it has been going that way so far. Its so fulfilling to see traffic coming through your blog and seeing that people actually go out of their way to read what you’ve written. Makes me smile.

What advice could you offer young aspiring models/MUAs?

I have said this to aspiring MUAs and models before and I’ll say it again until I bleed…put yourself out there until your name is embedded in peoples’ brains. How else do you think you’re going to get your name out there? People don’t get where they are by sitting back and hoping things will come to them.

What is you ‘MUST DO’ beauty tip?

EXFOLIATE! I love exfoliating because I know the next day my makeup is just going to glide onto my skin flawlessly…. Hopefully.

Photo credit Carl Foran
What can you stay about the beauty industry currently in Ireland? Has it also suffered with the recession?

Well, Ireland, as a nation, buys the most cosmetics out of any country in Europe. Little statistic there for you. So there will always be people in the market for it. Makeup artists have definitely suffered in the recession. Not as many people are willing to fork out money to have their makeup done, unless they are the best of the best.

Is there anything you would like to change about the industry?

Yes, I would like to minimise the amount of makeup artists in the industry, haha. But seriously, studies have shown that if we stopped training people to become makeup artists for the next two years, there would STILL be too many in the industry. Scary huh?

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She is definitely one to watch 😉

Stay beautiful,

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