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Belfast beauty Rebecca Maguire was crowned Miss Ireland 2012 after she was the runner-up in 2011.

After an eventful year representing Ireland in the Miss World pagent in China, her reign is soon coming to an end with a new Miss Ireland being crowned next week on the 20th of July in Dublin.

Rebecca plans on returning to her Pharmacy studies in Queen’s University (yes, brains and beauty!) and has hopes to further her career in modelling in the future.
She took some time to share her experiences and beauty ‘tips & tricks’ with us :)

Firstly, how & when did you start modelling?

Well basically I started modelling a few months before I entered Miss Ireland the first year. I had been signed with Style Academy in Belfast at the time and I always was really interested in it which probably had something to do with my obsession with shows like ANTM! I never really thought I would do much as I was the geeky kid in school who never had an interest in makeup or boys til I was much older, compared to other girls, but I was always very determined and never could have imagined then that I would be in my position now.

Who are you favourite top models?

My favourite top models! That’s tough! Obviously the model of the moment is Cara! She’s amazing! I have so many girls at the minute who I love! But I’d probably say that it would be Irina Shayk at the moment she’s so hot! 

How has your year as ‘Miss Ireland’ been?

My year has been amazing! It has been an emotional roller coaster! From my experiences I feel like I have really grown up this year. I feel like I have gained years of experience not just one! This year has really opened my eyes to the opportunities that are out there for young women alike.

What have been the highlights & the lowlights?

The highlight of my year would have been probably the experience of Miss World and being able to travel! Although, it was tough at the same time and it’s hard not to get homesick occasionally.My worst experience was the journey home from China. My bagage was overweight and I had to pay an excessive amount of money to check in. My dad was giving me his card details over the phone and the Chinese woman refused to take them and couldn’t understand me. I nearly missed my flight until a very generous man in the airport saw me crying and asked what the problem was. On the spot he paid for my bags. I couldn’t believe it he was like a Chinese angel! That was a very traumatic experience! I have never been so stressed in my life at the prospect of being stranded in Beijing alone!

How do you maintain your gorgeous complexion?

To be honest I don’t have a skin care regime as such, but when i remember I do use the clarins range! Especially the day and night creme, they feel very fresh. I do however try to wear no make up when I have some down time to give my face some time to breathe! 

What is your favourite Cosmetic Brand?

My favourite cosmetics brand is definitely Makeup Forever! My makeup bag is only Makeup Forever products and for events they always make time for me and they do my makeup! They are the best!

What are the top three products you couldn’t live without?

My top 3 products would be my Makeup Forever HD foundation! It doesn’t move! Also I always need a good highlighter so I opt for the “Mary Lou” from Makeup Forever which also doubles up as an eyeshadow! I love defined brows as well and I always use illamasqua eyebrow cake! It’s a must have too!

What is your signature scent?

At the minute I love alien by Thierry Mugler! I got it for Xmas and always have it at hand in my bag!

What advice could you offer young aspiring models & future Miss Ireland’s?

The best advice I could give for aspiring models is to not be defeated at the first hurdle. It’s all about determination and will to succeed! Some beautiful girls are defeated very easily and it a tough business! I never let rejection deter me from doing what I want to do, and this year has been full of set backs as well as success. 

What is your ‘MUST DO” beauty tip?

My must do beauty secret…hmm…I have a few!

Take your make up off before bed is important! 

I think sometimes when you feel good it shows on the outside too, and I never feel better than when I get new Great Lengths Hair Extensions by Ciara Lambert in Dublin- then you will always have a good hair day!

Also it’s all about brows at the minute they can really change your face! A good eyebrow can make or break you-haha! I have an amazing HD brow artist in Belfast called Lisa in Bellaire Hair & Beauty who sorts me out! She’s the best and if venturing up to Belfast she is a must visit! 

What an amazing role model! She makes me feel proud to be Irish.

Watch out for this one! We will be hearing about her again in the near future :)

Make sure to like the Miss Ireland Facebook page to meet the 2013 hopefuls, and follow the newly crowned Miss Ireland on her journey :)

Stay beautiful,

Unhealthy obsession with all things fashion & beauty.

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