How to survive Exam Season

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So it’s Day 2 of study week for my final exams in University, and I’m stressing out big time. So much so that I decided to procrastinate and write this post. I guess I hate going through this, and I understand that many people have gone through this before me, and that many will after, but if this posts offers the slightest bit of help or comfort to anyone, than it’ll be worth loosing some study time.

I also need a guideline for myself, in hopes I will listen to myself and stick to it. Fingers and toes crossed.

 Study at night- big NO.

I am NOT a morning person at all at all. And when there’s no lecture or class to attend it’s very difficult to motivate yourself to get up early and go study. Trust me, I understand. But do it. Your body has an ‘inside clock’, which means your body is pre-programmed  to work hard during the day, & rest/recover at night, not study. It’s always better to cooperate with your body’s needs because it’s going to make your life much easier. Study in the morning, afternoon or even in the evening, but not into the early hours.

Eat well. And more.

Nutrition and healthy eating is only going to help you do better, so eat some good, wholesome foods as well as the comforts like chocolate. And you will need to eat more as your making your brain work extra hard and it’ll need fuelling. Snack on nuts. Pistachios are my favourite.

Study Plan.

Even if you are not an organised person, planning what you need to study for the exam will help you, and make you stick to it Especially if you have a lot to study, a good plan will organise not only your time but also the knowledge in your head. You can download a study plan template from Google so don’t waste your time trying to make it pretty, the ruler straight lines won’t help you learn more.


It’s during exams when I really struggle fro my lack of love for coffee. I’m one of those rare people who hates the stuff. Instead, I drink a lot of energy drinks. Please be careful though, they will seriously mess with your sleeping pattern, and they are really bad for you so in moderation (when your not in the middle of exams).

Social media= ENEMY. is great, and free! It will temporary block all social media pages on your laptop. If you navigate there, a message that you should study will appear. Don’t procrastinate!


Make it Pretty.

Colours can be helpful during note taking or highlighting facts in your textbooks. Colourful markers or pens will help you remember important stuff. You can divide colour into modules: one module can be highlighted with the red colour and another in green.  You will not confuse any information for the exam.

Take breaks

You deserve a break. Your brain will not be able to remember everything at once. But make sure you put a time limit on it, or you’ll never go back!

Don’t overdose

I know that for difficult exams you also need to study hard but overdoing it is not good either. It’s counter-productive infact.  You need to know when to stop.

Exam Time!

  1. Don’t stress out- you can’t change anything now.
  2. Don’t study or revise straight before the exam. All the knowledge will mix up in your head because of too much information at once.
  3. Drink water or something warm & eat a good breakfast.
  4. Don’t talk to others sitting the same exam about the exam. They may stress you out even more or worse, confuse you.
  5. During the exam, read the questions a couple of times.
  6. Take your time. If you are allowed to stay for 2 hours, stay there for 2 hours.
  7. Don’t panic if you don’t know the answer for the question. Take a 3 minutes break and try to remind yourself what you know. The answer is somewhere in your brain but you just have ‘writer’s block’ because of the stress caused by the exam.
  8. Always answer the question asked. Waffle isn’t tolerated. Unfortunately.
  9. Don’t look at other people around you. It will lower your confidence.
  10. After the exam, forget about it as best you can. Take a break, nap, and relax before getting ready for the next one. You’ve earned it.

Alot of the above is common sense I know, but common sense goes out the window during the exam season. I hope it helps & best of luck to you all!

See you on the flip-side,


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