How to Make Waxing Less Painful

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These tips are applicable for all areas but when writing/researching this subject, the bikini area was the main focus. Yes, the dreaded bikini area. Unfortunately we are rapidly approving waxing season.

I will put my hand up and say waxing has to be ONE of the most painful & uncomfortable things on this planet, and I’ve had surgery and tattoos. Every time I tend to ask myself “why?”!



“Waxing is not a luxury, it’s a necessity!”

But it must be done so read on for some tips that will hopefully make your next experience that little bit easier :)

1)  Take a Pandol/Advil (some sort of painkiller)  roughly 45mins BEFORE your appointment.

Not sure how or why it works, but it does.

2) Don’t schedule it before your period.

This one may seem obvious but I myself have forgotten occasionally and boy did I regret it! That area is x100 more sensitive when Flo is due to visit.

3) Don’t work out for at least two days (48hours) after being wax.

Sweat and heat will only aggravate it and cause irritation. You’ve already been through enough discomfort!

4) Schedule your appointment for the evening.

The less time you”ll have to spend suffering before being able to crawl into bed.

5) Avoid all tight clothing.

The friction will increase the chance of ingrown hairs.

6) Hydrate & Moisture skin before waxing.

Preparation is key as per usual! Waxing dry skin is just even more painful.

I wish you a much more pleasant experience next time you have to get waxed.  These tips should help!

Stay beautiful,


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