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I did a guest blog a little while back for Irish blogger RachelCK and there’s some things from it that I feel I should share on my own blog.

You can read the full feature here but here are the hightlights.

Recently finishing my yearlong contract doing a 9-5 job in relation to my nearly completed business degree, I resorted to my one true passion in this world, Beauty, as a means of making money until I return to Ireland in August to finish my degree.

What starting off as a simple freelance makeup artist has now turned into the already expanding business that is Innocent Illusion Makeup Artistry. (I can thank my study in business for this)

Currently here in Canada cosmetics are a $9.14-billion industry. A ban on animal tested cosmetics by the European Union was passed in March of this year, comprising a lot of the industries exporting revenue.The cosmetics industry here worries the ban also means an entire market could be closed off to innovative new cosmetics in the future but remain positive that the market will remain strong as vanity is becoming more and more important to society and people even more so than years gone by.

Right now, everybody starting to enter the workforce is trying to get out of Ireland, predominately to England, Australia and Canada.
A question I seem to get asked a lot is “Is there work for a MUA there & is it easy to break into the industry?”.I feel I am too new to answer this fully but I believe work in makeup can be found anywhere. Even in recession struck Ireland, people seem to find disposal income to get a makeover or get glammed up for a special event as it is important to them to look and feel good.

What happens to a person when they put makeup on? They automatically feel better about themselves. The look good=feel good equation is the primary factor that brings that woman through the door into the beauty department and up to the lipstick bank looking for anything that will take away from the fact that she feels fat that day, or her kids aren’t behaving, or her 9 to 5 job doesn’t satisfy or that her husband doesn’t pay enough attention to her. When she purchases that new lipstick or eyeshadow and goes home and applies it, she feels better about herself and her world. When she gets complemented on her makeup and told she looks pretty, well that’s a more powerful drug than all morphine in the world. There’s always high demand for makeup in Fashion, TV & Film also. And therefore, wherever in the world, there will always be a market for MUAs in my opinion.

In regards to breaking into the industry I feel that may be easier here than in Ireland. I say this as a self-taught makeup artist, while qualifications and training are recognized, they are not the be all and end all here. Your resume is your portfolio. You are judged on your body of work and skill rather than qualifications.
The reason I have done what I have so far here is all down to Marketing and Social Networking. You need to let people know you exist and are interested in working with them by marketing yourself and networking. It really is the key to breaking into the industry.

What it means to be a Make-up Artist!Since I was a little girl I always loved art, photography and anything creative. My art for many years was dance and I had great aspirations to make it a career. In my teenage years I focused more on my academics but always loved all things beauty. Now I have started my own freelance makeup business and since doing that I am inundated with questions about how to get the job and what qualifications people need etc. To me, makeup is simply art and lucky I have the skill to execute this art.
I think art is very open, there are so many avenues to explore that the desire to lead a creative life is always present. I now live my life as an artist. It’s about the way you think, the way you can critique work, how you approach life and overcome problems. Art is more about a way of thinking then just technical skill. It has to make your heart skip a beat.

I’d like to say that make-up artistry isn’t always about the glamour or the ‘cool’ status that seems to go with the title nowadays. While that is fun, it’s about exploration. Stretching your imagination as far as it will go and having no limits.
How many people look exactly how they feel they are on the inside? Make-up stems from a primitive ages and has been used for celebration, war, lifestyle, adornment, as tribal protection and for spiritual purposes. Make-up can be so much more fascinating than an oil painted canvas because it is an art you live your life in. It’s a pure injection of personality, emotion and colour. Make-up has the power to do anything. Even on the lowest of days it can make you feel invincible. Everyone is unique, and it is the same with make-up; no two people look the same, every time you pick up that make-up brush or eyeshadow there are subtle differences.

One of the problems professional make-up artists encounter is competition. We tend to feel inadequate as a result of somebody’s opinion, feeling like you don’t have the contacts, the skills, and the willpower to carry on, especially if you have an awful client. It’s not always easy to pick yourself up after a bad day.

Luckily I feel I have the belief and support to overcome a lot of the competition by staying true to myself and trying hard to achieve my dreams; making Innocent Illusion Makeup Artistry an international success. There will be bullies and hardships along the way but as long as I understand that I’ll be ok.

That look on peoples faces when they look at themselves in a new beautiful light because of what you’ve done makes it all worthwhile! All I do is enhance natural beauty- I can’t work magic :) Making someone feel beautiful and confident with who they are makes are those hardships fade into the background.

I think we all shouldn’t be as down on ourselves! True inspiration doesn’t happen when we are stressed out. We try to juggle so many things and it ends up stifling our creative spirit! It’s never wrong to take time out to reflect, pamper and enjoy your own company or spend time with loved ones, it helps the artist develop and it’s very important to feel free and open to new ideas. I think this is where my blog comes into play in a big way.

A strong work ethic is very important as a freelancer, but remember not to take life too seriously, learn to laugh at yourself, push yourself and be brave and confident in who you are!

To be in a position to be who you truly want to be sometimes takes effort and courage and to shrug off the opinions of people who say you can’t do it. Because if you want something badly enough you will keep on trying until it happens :)

Lots of wisdom there! I know what you’re thinking; cliché, cliché, cliche! But I’ve had quite a difficult year out in the big bad world and a lot of growing up had to be done with the loss of a family member so all of the above really does have meaning- trust me!

I love guest blogging! It means your writing and thoughts are reaching an even greater audience.
Stay beautiful,

Unhealthy obsession with all things fashion & beauty.

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