Festival Beauty Survival Guide.

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Festival session is in full swing as music enthusiasts everywhere gear up to brave the heat and/or rain (IRELAND) to see their favorite bands and artists perform.

Festival wear & trends is sure to be on the forefront of the minds of many festival-goers. Not only is it a music festival, it’s the perfect platform to make some amazing memories, hopefully consisting of unbelievably good (not embarrassing) pictures to update your social network with and make others jealous.

How is that possible you ask? By simply being prepared to weather a weekend without proper toilets and/or showers. And knowing what to wear and pack is essential to avoid any beauty or fashion slip ups.

Cue my FESTIVAL Beauty Survival Guide :)

Next to money, tickets and a tent to live in, Sunscreen is the most important thing to remember.
You’re there to enjoy the music and take part in a dance party of thousands, not to get a tan so apply and keep applying sunscreen liberally. I know it’s be the last thing on your mind there but is it really worth getting so sunburnt it ruins your weekend or day? NO.

Keep hydrated-Water. There’s usually alot of alcohol involved in festivals and when combined with the summer heat it is a recipe for disaster! Bring an empty water bottle in with you and carry it with you at all times. Opt for a clip on, fold-able one like below. You can buy them for nothing on eBay!
Try make a point of after every beer, you stop by a water station on your way to getting your next one! Easier said than done. But a real must.

Stylish Sun Protection. Sunnies and a hat :)
Leave your  Raybans at home and opt for a $5 buy from forever21 or Penny’s. It is highly possibly you’ll loose them. Last time I went I brought 2 pairs thankfully as one went missing Day 1.
Keep the sun off your face and help your makeup last longer by opting for a nice floppy hat or fadora. They are on trend this summer and have been pictured on celebs as must-have festival wear.

Vanessa Hudgens, LC, Heidi and Megan Fox rocking their sunnies and hats festival style.

When it comes to Makeup at a festival, less is really more. You won’t have somewhere to reapply, or take it off after a long day dancing in the sun and/or rain.
See my Summer Sweatproof Tips to make it last. And maybe add a glitter eyeliner for some festive facepainting fun :)
Also don’t bring your brand filled makeup bag of MAC & Bobbi Brown as theres a high possibility it could get stolen. Opt for cheaper alternative you won’t mind leaving behind you :) If you’re purchasing especially, travel size products will save alot of space!

Hair. The only way your going to get it washed is in the rain. Lots and lots of dry shampoo. Also invest in some cute hairbands, headbands, bandanas and scarves to keep it up, back and out of your way!
Remember that hat I told you to get above for sun protection? After a day or two, you may just want to put a hat over your dirty hair! It will hide the grease and it will protect your face from the sun as well while still looking good :)

Here’s a quick check-list to summarise everything I blabbed on about above.

I’ve added some more essentials from my own personal festival experiences! It’s better to be safe than sorry, right?

I’m sure I’ve left something out, but this can be used as a starting point.

So who’s going to what festival this year?

Tell me about your festival experiences on my Facebook or Twitter. I might do a post with a few of mine if there’s enough interest… Ye’d all get a great giggle :)

Stay beautiful,

Unhealthy obsession with all things fashion & beauty.

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