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This post is a result of a reader request :)

Eyeliner is the ultimate way to define and enhance your eyes. It gives you the ability to make small eyes look bigger with just a minute or two in front of the mirror, and a swift stroke of a pencil or brush. If your like me, something you just can’t live without :)

Types of Eye liner:

To me, pencil eye-liner is a thing of the past. It reminds me of my teenage years where if your make-up didn’t consist of heavy black eye-liner you just weren’t cool or on trend.
It’s the type that women are most familiar with, it’s the easiest to use, and the quickest to apply.
It tends to be stiff and can sometimes hurt when trying to press into the lashline, resulting in jagged lines. It also has to be sharpened, which can be a pain.
On the plus side, like I mentioned above it is easy to apply and great is you want to create soft lines and not too much definition. It should be your Go-to in a rush!

Kohl liner is most commonly found in pencil form but can also be seen in loose or pressed powder. It is softer than pencil and therefore easier to apply. Again, I rarely use it as lining your waterline can result in your eyes looking smaller but is an easy and quick option if you are in a rush!
MAC’s Pro Longwear featured in a Brand V Bargain post recently. You can read it here.

My Favs:

  • Urban Decay 24/7 Eyeliner Pencil
  • Bourjois Kohl & Contour

Is not my personal preference. I used it for about 6months straight but always found that it’s messy and tends to smudge.It can also transfer onto your crease when you open or blink your eyes as it has an inky finish. Being liquid it is also difficult to apply as you have little to no control over the small brush applicator but like anything, once you have it mastered it, it can look amazing. You can create very thin, high definition lines which doesn’t feel as heavy as gel.

My Fav:

  • Maybelline Eye Studio Master Duo 2-IN-1 Liquid Eyeliner

Felt Tip Pen


Felt-tip eye-liners are easier to use than liquid or gel liners because you have slightly more control over the placement of the product. The colours are more limited than liquid, pencil, Kohl or gel eye-liners, and the staying power isn’t as strong as the other liners. I also find it is difficult to create a thin line. Take my advice and stay away from these completely!

My Fav:
  • Elf Waterproof Eyeliner Pen

Gel Liner-
My saving grace! It comes in a jar or pot and is applied with a either a narrow pointed or angled brush. It dries into somewhat of a powder finish that looks soft and natural, easy to press into the lash-line and tends to be more forgiving if you have a shaky hand. It is also the most pigmented of the eye-liner family providing the most impact and in my opinion has the most stay power too. The only complaint is that the pot/jar tends to dry out quickly but the ones I used are reasonably prices so it’s not a big issue.

My Favs:
  • MAC Fluidline Gel liner in Blacktrack
  • Maybelline’s Eye Studio lasting drama gel liner
  • Rimmel Gel Liner 


How to do Gel liner:
1) Using your choice of brush, take a little liner onto the back of your hand – using it as a palette – so that you can properly control how much you’re applying to the eye.
2) if you’re really unsure and new to working with gel liner, lightly add three small, easy to work over dots to the eye. These help you locate where you’ll start and finish your liner, and where you’ll anchor it in the middle. So place one in by the bridge of the nose, one on the ball of the eye and one at the outer corner. Keep them small, they’re just a guideline.


3) Now get your product onto the eye and work quite fast. The best way to line the eye is to try to get it on in one quick movement or swoop. But if that doesn’t work, then the trusty three dots method is fine. Get the line as straight as you possibly can first time round as this’ll minimise tidy-up afterwards. Keep going over until you’re satisfied. Once you’ve joined up your dots, working from the nose outwards, you should have a straight line, tight to the lash-line, out to the end of the lashes. Now you can add a wing if you want, but it’s optional.


4) If you want to leave your line as is, for work or a more subtle look, then do, but if you want a more exaggerated cat’s eye flick, then here’s how you add it. Identify the point you want your flick to extend to first, and then drawing back down from there. That helps you control the shape and size better than drawing upwards from the side of the eye. So take your brush – you may need to add some extra product from the back of your hand – and find the place you want your flick to finish. Make sure it’s higher up on the lid – that’s what opens up and widens out the eye.


Lightly draw back down to your existing line. Now go back over, shaping, tapering, extending and thickening the line until you’re happy with how it looks. You may find you need to draw back across the eyelid again too, to join up and smooth things out. That’s fine – and don’t forget, practice makes perfect!
Some other tips;
  • If your hands are unsteady, try stabilizing yourself by resting your elbow on a flat surface.
  • Try not to leave space between the eyeliner and the lash line. If, after application, there is a small space, fill it in with the same shade of powdered eyeshadow.
  • Have some Q-Tips on hand at all times to clean up any mess.
I’ve always loved how LC does her eyeliner.

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